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Metallica are here!

The past 2 or 3 years has seen me at more live music venues than the previous 40 years put together (if you don’t count school choirs & eistedfodds. Or churches.).

One side-effect of a marriage breakdown is the ‘every second weekend with no kids’ thing.  This meant suddenly I had time on my hands and needed to find stuff to do. The option of going out and seeing a band is a little easier when you don’t have to factor in babysitting – as the kids are with their other parent.

Don’t get me wrong, there hasn’t been a mad flurry of musical excursions to write about – just an occasional foray into a world I didn’t really know very much about. My partner is ‘into’ music in a way that I never have been (I don’t know much about music but I know what I like) and this has been part of the learning process for me over the past few years.

So, where have we been? Between us we’ve got a wide and varied taste in music – my partner’s is wider and more varied than mine but I’ve introduced him to a few new things too. We’ve been to big gigs such as Metallica (although the kids came with us for that one) and Dream Theater, but we’ve also seen some great shows by The Sydney Homotones, Spiral Dance, James Morrison & Emma Pask playing with the Kirrawee High School band , Bianca Meier, Damh the Bard (it’s pronounced ‘Dave’), The SGLC 20th anniversary concert (dress suggestion Black Tie & Bling!) and a couple of others – (we have some very musically talented friends who put on gigs from time to time).  Venues have varied from Acer Arena at Homebush in Sydney, to my first ever visit to the Horden Pavillion (it’s not my fault, I didn’t actually grow up in Sydney), to the Sydney Town Hall, to inner west pubs and a great live music venue in suburban Cronulla called The Brass Monkey.

Now if only I could find a way to stay out late at all these gigs and not still be paying for the lack of sleep 3 days later……


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