Temptation Creek

The top of the track to Temptation Creek

A few weeks ago I headed out on a sunny weekend afternoon with Young Gun to a beautiful spot in the Royal National Park known to locals as Temptation Creek (the track is known as this, I think the waterway itself technically has another name).

Access to the creek is from the suburb of Grays Point, on the plateau at the northern end of the park, down a steep fire trail (and unfortunately, back up again once you’re finished!).  There’s often no water in the creek, but we had had heavy rain which ensured it would be flowing and specifically chose to go there as Young Gun had a photography assignment to do for Year 8 Visual Arts and he wanted to photograph the waterfall.

The waterfall? This was a first for me, although I’ve been down to the Creek many times over the 12 or so years I lived in Grays Point, I didn’t know there was a waterfall.  The result was a gorgeous wander with my lovely son down a little track beside the creek until finally, suddenly we came across the waterfall.  You can see the results for yourself on my flickr page, but here’s a sneak preview:

Part of the waterfall at Temptation Creek


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