Much ado about bacon

Carbonara 019 by inga_beretta via flickr CC

I follow Word Press’ Post a Day on twitter. Today’s suggestion was to write something about bacon. Hmmm. Do I write about my reaction to Jamie Oliver’s pig show? Undertake to go to the Royal Easter Show next week and look at pigs? Post my favourite recipes using bacon perhaps?

It came to me in a flash. I can write about making last night’s dinner – which was fettucine carbonara (eggs, cheese, butter & bacon).  As often happens at my place, I had all the ingredients to make this – except for the fettucine.  Fortunately, there are teenagers in the house for just such emergencies and they were dispatched with the dog for a walk to the shop to procure said vital ingredient.

The next bit was tricky. When Bookworm came back from her fettucine buying trip it transpired that she didn’t want carbonara because she doesn’t like bacon. Now, I knew she doesn’t like bacon, I’d just forgotten that she REALLY doesn’t like it – as in, don’t even put it in anything let alone serve it to her with eggs on toast for breakfast.  I was a bit confused as she eats ham on sandwiches and in salads: when I explained my confusion to her, she patiently explained she doesn’t like cooked ham either as it reminds her of, well, bacon.  I offered beautiful pancetta which happened to be in the fridge but she quickly spotted that as bacon-by-another-name so I was forced to rethink…

Finally, I offered Bookworm the option of Fettucine Carbonara without bacon. I served hers first, then added the crisp, yummy bacon to the remaining pasta-egg-cheese-butter mix in the pot for the rest of us.

I was reminded (by YoungGun) of the time he ordered a banana split for desert in a restaurant and then wouldn’t eat it because it came with a banana…..


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