Onwards and upwards?

Just another day at the office - view from the library door

So, barely a week after writing the last blog post, on taking charge of my career, I suddenly seem to actually have a career to take charge of! After several months of writing job applications and attending hundreds of job interviews (actually I think it was only 3, but it did seem like a lot) I have a new job.

I’ve taken a few days to reflect on my reaction to the job offer (which I accepted on the spot). Yes I’m happy and yes I’m a bit scared of the change but do you know what the first thing was that came into my mind? Whether to change the name of my blog. Really? Yes, really.

I’m moving from a one person library into a huge bureaucracy (a university) with thousands of staff and tens of thousands of students.  My whole focus up until now has been surviving as an OPL, developing a virtual PLN because I don’t have one in the workplace, finding other professionals ‘out there’ who inspire me, advise me or just sympathise with me and share their experiences.  Going to this new job is going to be like starting again.  In my first post on this blog, I invited readers to share the journey with me. That hasn’t changed, it’s just that I’m suddenly heading in a totally different direction.

Still, I think I’ll leave the blog name for now.

7 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards?

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  2. Karma has arrived…. its the double number year thing…. well done and congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations! It’s a great feeling starting in a new place, learning and experiencing something new. All the best >.<

  4. Really happy for you!! Indeed it is like starting all over again, I wish you all the best in your new job!!! =)

  5. When I saw your tweet for this blog post, I couldn’t wait to read it! A big congratulations to you. I understand your focus on developing a virtual PLN, as I’m the only one of a kind in my organisation. So its great to be able to connect with like-minded, LIS oriented people from time to time throughout the day. Best of luck with your new role.

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