A TV meme

TV HEAD by ElAlispruz via flickr CC

It’s pretty funny really, the thought of me doing a TV meme as I actually watch very little TV. However, I found this one on LiberryDwarf‘s blog and it made me laugh, because so many answers were probably what I would write. And it’s a slow-ish Thursday afternoon. So, in the interests of perpetuating a meme and developing links with my libraryland colleagues, here it is:

1. Earliest remembered television?

Um?? I can remember sitting in the kitchen listening to Kindergarten on the air before starting school – does that count? In trying to find some information about the show, I’m wondering if what I was listening to was actually repeats, as I’m not quite as old as the program history would seem to suggest.

2. TV series you would want on a desert island

The West Wing. No question.

3. TV that made you laugh

Blackadder & The Goodies. Still. After all these years.

4. TV that made you cry

Sigh. Most commercially produced TV makes me cry. Oh wait, perhaps this means intentionally made me cry?

5. TV crap that you enjoy

The repeats of the 70s sitcoms currently showing on digital TV here. You know, Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Hogan’s Heroes. I think it’s purely a reliving-my-childhood type of enjoyment.

6. TV you’ll never forget.

Again, The West Wing.

7. Favourite TV adaptation.

I cannot go past LiberryDwarf’s answer, which I reproduce here in full:

Hands down, gotta be Pride and Prejudice. No contest.

Need I say more?

7. Favourite nerdish program

Anything by David Attenborough, although I did enjoy The Romantics that showed recently on ABC TV (as part of supporting my daughter’s HSC English course) 🙂

8. One TV program you are currently watching

Um, rewatching The West Wing. On DVD.

There’s a pattern here. Anyone else spotted it?