Life in 100 words

A meme of sorts! Thanks to @flexnib for posting hers, after inspiration from Darcy Moore.

Mine then:

Born in Sydney. One sibling, now he lives in the UK. Grew up mostly in Canberra, with life stops in LA, Karachi and Christmas Island along the way. 9 schools in all. Too many.  Where was home? Married too early, divorced too late. 3 gorgeous (nearly grown up) kids, career as stay-at-home, suburban soccer/water polo/gymnastics mum, new career in libraries (took 9 years to get here), whole new life unfolding. Learning about gardening. It’s still all about family. And books. And coffee. I now know where home is. What’s next?

Frighteningly, I had almost no trouble fitting my life into 100 words or less (it’s less, count them). Hmmm, have I mentioned I need a hobby?