Baby gardening steps

My wonderfully thorough partner has done a wonderfully thorough job of mapping out the sunny spots in our garden – with a view to starting to grow some of our own food.  It was an interesting exercise, we both thought there was ‘not much’ sun anywhere in our yard and to some extent we were right.  There aren’t any big patches of ongoing sunshine where we could plant a magnificent food forest – but there were plenty of nooks and corners, enough to enable us to grow quite a few things, just not conveniently all in the one spot.

We’re starting small.  My partner had some (runaway) success with both squash and spinach last year, we’re hoping for equal quality, just perhaps a bit less quantity this time around.  We have both dabbled in gardening before, but this is a serious step along the road to growing some of our own food, so has been a bit better planned and organised than I’ve managed in the past.  Our inspirations? I follow a few blogs that have inspired me greatly: The Witches Kitchen, Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, The Greening of Gavin and Happy Earth to name a few.  In addition, we have been devouring books and magazines from the library, adding to our knowledge base each time we pick up an article or a chapter.  Our current favourite book is One magic square by Lolo Houbein.

I’m looking forward to posting pictures, updates and progress reports.  One of the things I love about the blogs I mentioned above is that these people are not afraid to fail, or report on their failures and the lessons learned from them.

Here goes!


4 thoughts on “Baby gardening steps

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    • Hi Celia

      *blush* – thanks for the ‘gorgeous’ comment. We’re working our way through Linda’s book at the moment, I agree it’s wonderful. We’re picking out the (limited) bits & pieces we can implement but also just absorbing some of the concepts of a way of life we aspire to.

      PS: I’ve just taken a batch of your brownies out of the oven, ready to take to Mr18’s water polo team in half an hour or so

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