Time flies…

"School" by Elizabeth Albert via flickr CC

…or, ‘How did I become old enough to have a child enrolling at Uni today?

Heavens to Betsy – is it really 13 years since I first dropped The General at kindergarten? Back then a whole lot of things were different:

  • I didn’t own a mobile phone
  • I had a 6 month old baby (who is now starting second year of high school himself)
  • None of my friends were divorced
  • I wasn’t divorced for that matter
  • My brother still lived in the same country (he’s now been in the UK for 5 years)
  • My social life was an endless round of playgroup, preschool volunteering, soccer club meetings and coffee mornings (oh for those days again!)
  • I had 4 living grandparents (now, sadly I have none)
  • I had not even thought about becoming a librarian
  • I didn’t know about climate change
  • I wasn’t sure what the internet was
  • I laughed at people who thought Sydney winters were cold, having just moved from Canberra (in fact, I still do laugh – toughen up Sydneysiders!)
  • I didn’t have a Jack Russell (even though it feels like I’ve owned him forever he’s really just 9 years old, not 13)

All of this, and I surely haven’t aged a bit!  My grandmother always said she felt about 21 on the inside for most of her life.  I’m glad I’m past 21, but I think I know what she meant


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