A new year – a new mojo?

We visited Bellingen to escape the rain on our holiday - but it rained there too...

Towards the end of 2010 I lost my librarian mojo – I could really sympathise with this post from A work in progress about being dazed & confused.  I’m in a not-so-different situation to Fiona, OK, I have a job in libraryland but it’s a first job and I need to start thinking about the next step in my career sometime in 2011.  That’s both exciting and daunting and the daunting part overtook me by the end of the year.

I am not a 24/7 librarian so my recent 3 weeks off work have really been 3 weeks away from the whole library thing – very little interaction on twitter from me and I haven’t read a single blog post that could be remotely called professional (OK, I’ve read some by librarians but they weren’t really library related). Partly this is because I went camping for a week – to a location with flaky 3G connection at best but mostly it’s because I really needed to take a break from all the PD and the information bombardment my day usually contains.  I barely even picked up a newspaper during this 3 weeks.

As a result, I feel quite refreshed, in spite of wondering if I’ve missed out on anything really fantastic.  I probably have, but I’ve learned that life goes on regardless!  As I’ve blogged about before, I value my PLN and in particular my twitter network but it’s still pretty much a work thing for me, rather than a life thing.  I have some strict boundaries around the work/life balance thing – having seen first hand what happens when you don’t – so it suits me to keep things as they are for the moment.

I’ve come back to work to the realisation that I have 2 PD events coming up for me in the next 3 weeks – as well as the prospect of a #tweetup around the ALIA Information Online conference that is being held in Sydney in early February.  This has cheered me up no end (because let’s face it, who actually enjoys coming back to work after 3 weeks leave?).

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  2. Glad to hear that you are refreshed and ready to go! I’m still sending off job applications…I find that even though I’ve had no success, hope springs eternal! Looking forward to following the ALIA conference via Twitter.

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