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I came across this ‘channel surfing’ on the interwebz tonight, thanks to Nose in a Book for the inspiration.

1. Do you remember learning to read? How old were you?
I don’t remember learning to read – I know I was quite young and could possibly read by the time I started school.  Certainly mum & dad were (are) both great readers and I know we used to go to either the library or the newsagent (it was a small country town) for me to borrow or buy a book each week.  I was really lucky, mum & dad never censored my reading (except perhaps by price I guess!). 

2. What do you find most challenging to read?
Science fiction and anything that won a major prize.  I suppose I like to read for fun and if it’s TOO challenging then it’s no longer fun? Someone gave me Wolf Hall for Christmas this year, looking forward to reading it as I love historical fiction but a bit scared by the Man Booker sticker!

3. What are your library habits?
I love my public library and use it regularly.  My daughter & I often spend our ‘Tuesday night girls night’ at the library – she doing research while I browse and borrow books and magazines.  Sometimes I will go with a specific idea in mind, more often than not I’ll browse shelf ends and display titles and pick up something that takes my fancy.  I’ve also been known to pick a random non-fiction shelf bay and choose something to borrow from the books on offer. 

4. Have your library habits changed since you were younger?
If anything I use it more.  We were frequent library users as kids, mum and (more particularly) dad used to take us to borrow and read all the time.  When my kids were little I used to take them for storytime but not on a regular basis as parking was so difficult due to its popularity!

5. Has social media changed your reading life?
Twitter puts me in touch with lots of things to read that I might otherwise not have ever heard about.  I follow a lot of blogs – some of them review books, but if it sounds interesting I’m likely to read it regardless of the review I might have read.

6. What percentage of your books do you get from new book stores, second hand books stores, the library, online exchange sites, online retailers, e-books, other?

I rarely buy new books. I have a thing about spending money to start with, then there’s the whole sustainability issue so I’d rather re-read, recycle or buy second hand.  I have a healthy book swapping habit with a few friends and usually borrow a few from my mother when I visit her as well.  Then there’s the library of course – probably about 50% of my reading comes from there.  I don’t do e-books but LOVE audiobooks.

Having said that, I have a few author friends and the whole business of library vs buying the book does strike at my conscience a little when I consider them….
7. What are your pet peeves about the way people treat books?
Would you believe I don’t really have any? I’m pretty hard on books, the only thing I really hate is when I get sand in them at the beach….. 

8. Do you read for pleasure or for work?
Both. Most emphatically both.  Luckily, it often crosses over 🙂

9. When you give people books as gifts, how do you decide what to give them?
Usually by considering their interests and choosing something I think might interest them but is just ‘off centre’ enough to be pretty sure they might not have bought it for themselves.  I love buying books for my kids – I have made some bad choices there, but not too many over the years.

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