A virtual advent calendar

When my kids were little, they always had one of those chocolate advent calendars. You know the ones – cardboard, pictures of Santa, or snow, or reindeer or Barbie or The Wiggles on the front and 24 little doors they could open to find a small piece of (barely edible) chocolate.

This was a highlight of Christmas for my kids for many years and they still like to have them, even at their advanced teenage stage!  Those calendars caused more mayhem and trouble in my house than just about anything else.  Most mornings there were accusations of “he opened mine instead of his!” or “she’s eating my chocolates!”. Partly because of this, I went through a stage of deciding that there were more wholesome ways I could encourage them to count down the days until Christmas – hence my house became littered with (discarded) alternative advent calendars, none of which involved chocolate and none of which were anywhere near up to the kids’ expectation and standards.

I’ve learned my lesson. This year, Bookworm is 16 and sad that she doesn’t have a chocolate advent calendar (even though she agrees the chocolate is terrible) so I’ll go out tonight and get her one I guess.

However, my sons choose to live with their dad at the moment, so they will miss out as they are only at my place 4 nights in every fortnight.  It’s the first time I’ve been away from Young Gun in this lead up to Christmas (The General was living with his dad this time last year as well) and I’m feeling a bit lost without the enthusiasm he adds to the season.

So, (a day late I know), I thought I’d post on this blog every day a little surprise for my boys.  Sort of a virtual advent calendar if you like.  Send them the link to the post each day and try to make each day’s post a little different.  I do promise not to have this long preamble at the beginning each day boys – I know it’s a lot to read and you’d probably rather just get to the guts of it yes?

For the first day – because I’ve missed one already, I’ve gone for big impact.  Using my favourite Animoto, I’ve put together a quick video of the kids when they were younger (and still believed in Santa!).