What’s a molla?

Saturday we took ourselves off to Wattamolla in the Royal National Park for a picnic and a bit of a look around.  Originally we were heading a bit further south to Garie Beach and a few hours walking a section of the Coast track, but it turned into a less strenuous outing, which was kind of nice too.

Wattamolla is a sheltered beach in a small cove so doesn’t get much surf and behind the dunes is a lagoon, fed by a couple of creeks.  The most spectacular feature of the lagoon however, is the waterfall into it from one of the creeks.  As you can just make out in the picture, the waterfall is a popular ‘jumping off’ spot, despite the many warning signs from National Parks & Wildlife banning jumping into the lagoon or climbing on the rocks.  I’d probably find it pretty hard to resist if I was a teenage boy too though…

On this warm but not overly hot late spring day, the carpark was moderately full, the beach around the lagoon had a couple of those shade shelters that pack down into a springy circle dotted about and there were quite a few groups of (mostly young) people swimming and picknicking.

There is a constant stream of walkers crossing the carpark, heading either north or south on the coast track.  Some stop for a swim, others just keep on walking.  I’m keen to do the entire 26km of the Coast Track soon – it’s apparently a relatively easy 2 day walk and serviced at either end by public transport so you don’t have to make the return trip to your car!

I’ve seen signs at the entrance to the Royal National Park in summer that indicate the carpark at Wattamolla has been closed as the beach is full to capacity, so it’s a popular spot.  In spite of having lived in and around southern Sydney for the best part of the last 20 years and many trips to the Royal, this was only my second trip to Wattamolla that I can remember.

It was nice to get out and about and have nobody to worry about but ourselves, it’s been a while.

image was actually taken at Woronora Dam on our way back into Sydney

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