Quidditch from Bill Ward's Brickpile via flickr Creative CommonsOn Sunday, we did something so insanely crazy and bizarre and fun that I just had to share it.

We played Quidditch (well, technically it’s called Ground Quidditch I think).  My wonderful, enthusiastic and energetic friend Jo had an idea and as often happens with Jo’s ideas, we all got swept up in it and away we went.

The game began in 2005, as a varsity sport in Vermont, USA.  There’s now an International Quidditch Association, competitions across 45 states of the USA (mostly at University/College level) and other countries, including the UK, Australia and Canada.  There’s a comprehensive rule book that one of our group just about memorised so that he could referee on the weekend and there was even a World Cup (the 4th one!) held in NYC over the weekend just gone.  It generated an enormous amount of traffic on both twitter and facebook.

It was an incredibly hot day in Sydney but Jo had planned the day weeks in advance and with our changeable spring weather who ever knows if it is going to be 32 degrees or just 22 on any given Sunday in November?  We compensated with short bursts of game play alternated with lounging about in the shade, scooping chunks of ice from an esky, drinking litres of water and running down a Mr Whippy van that just happened to be driving past minding its own business.

All the little kids milled around playing, the older ones joined in (one of them played the part of snitch runner) and I can’t wait for the next game!

image: Quidditch from Bill Ward’s Brickpile via flickr