30 things

During June I participated in a project called ‘blog every day in June‘, along with a bunch of other library types.  It was great fun, although challenging to come up with a new blog post every single day for 30 days (plus get involved in the project by reading other blogs and commenting).  Anyway, at the end of the project I wrote a post about 30 things I had done other than blog during that month.

Here, on this blog, I thought I might revisit that idea and blog about 30 things I’ve done since finishing that project (other than blog).  So, here goes:

1. Had a great family party for my son’s 18th birthday

2. Celebrated my partner moving in with us

3. Taught Miss 16 how to use dropbox

4. Had a ‘girl’s night out’ with Miss 16 at the local library

5. Went to the ALIA conference in Brisbane

6. Visited the chiropractor a few times

7. Watched as Mr 18 & Miss 16 swapped bedrooms (chaotic)

8. Set up our worm farm

9. Re-started our compost bin

10. Planted lettuce, blueberries, parsley & tomatoes

11. Got the leak in my car fixed – finally

12. Started a course

13. Learned how to make owls (but haven’t made one yet)

14. Knitted another few rows of my tea cosy (I’m making excuses here but I do have a bung shoulder so more than a few rows at a time is tricky)

15. Successfully came off my anti-depressants after 5 years

16. Participated in another library-land challenge, this time #1pic1thoughtinAug: this one taught me lots about using flickr

17. Started the process of teaching my partner how to use MYOB and realised I hadn’t forgotten as much as I’d feared

18. Sat by my uncle’s bedside as he was dying – and told him I loved him

19. Learned about being the executor of an estate after the afore-mentioned uncle died

20. Had a great family dinner with aunts & uncles & cousins from all over the place who had come to Sydney for said uncle’s funeral

21. Bought a new macbook and gave my old laptop to Mr 13

22. Started planning a possible trip to the UK for June next year

23. Went to book club

24. Watched Mr 18’s team narrowly lose their soccer grand final

25. Got my ticket for TEDx Canberra

26. Did so much professional development stuff I have nearly got all the points I need for the year already (year ends June 30 next year)

27. Ran into old friends unexpectedly here and here

28. Spent a lot of time just really enjoying living in the same house as my partner

29. Took the cat to the vet (again)

30. Bought 3 new pairs of shoes that I can’t wear yet because it’s not warm enough yet!

image: Day 30 by Mykl Roventine via flickr