But wait! There’s more serendipity

On the weekend I took Bookworm to Macquarie Uni open day. She’s just finishing Year 11 but we were curious to go and find out a bit more about Macquarie’s Ancient History department as studying history is the current post-school plan.  Actually, she has really big, awesome, inspiring and motivational post-school plans but they are not the point of this post.

After listening to a very entertaining speech by one of the department’s lecturers, we wandered off in search of food and found 2 things:

  1. there was really only sausages or steak sandwiches
  2. some old and dear friends from Canberra – attending Open Day as their Miss 18 is finishing school this year and hoping to study at Macquarie next year.

Once again, serendipity.  We only decided to go to the open day a few days earlier in the week.  We happened to be there at that time of day because that’s when the ancient history department were doing their presentation.  There were literally thousands of people there and we narrowly missed seeing our friends as they had intended to be off on a tour of residential colleges by the time we caught up with them but fate had put some obstacle in their way and they were still hanging about campus.

No sads this time, just a wonderful afternoon in the sun with dear friends.

image: Sunflower by Stig Nygaard via flickr

2 thoughts on “But wait! There’s more serendipity

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  2. It is too true. The number of times it ahs tripped us up on this trip is amazing. Believe and it will happen!

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