Yes, this is an uninspiring title for a blog post – but let’s face it, shelving is a pretty uninspiring topic.

A few weeks ago there was some discussion on my twitter stream about the use of paper signs in libraries (and probably signage in general as we all know no-one reads them).  I’m here to tell you no-one listens to me talk either! I have talked till I’m blue in the face about returning books to the returns box and asking students (and staff!) to hand books back to me after they’ve used them in the library.  I have put up signs, talked about in on the website, etc etc.  And still, I can’t keep the law books shelves in any sort of order.

Understand, this is a minor irritation here at MPOW as our law book collection is literally only about 50 or so books, but when Unshelved for today came across my desk, I just had to write this quick post.


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