A meme!

Inspired by @bonitoclub’s excitement at discovering Julia Gillard was a knitter, I thought I’d share some answers to the same questions our PM was asked this week.  I’ve modified it a bit as the political/patriotic questions at the end didn’t do much for me:

What are the five albums you couldn’t do without?

Dream Theater – Greatest Hits & 21 other cool songs

The Swoon Collection (I, II & III)

Missy Higgins – The sound of white

Maddy Prior – Carols & Capers

Asa – Asa

Favourite film stars?
Don’t watch many films but love Cate Blanchett (her portrayal of Catherine Hepburn in The Aviator was stunning)

The three people, living or dead, you would invite for dinner?
Sophie Gray (The Destitute Gourmet), Dr Temple Grandin, Nelson Mandela

Favourite pastimes?
Reading, tweeting, hanging with my partner and kids, cooking, drinking red wine

What would be your last meal?
Something Italian with lots of garlic

Dog or cat?

Blackberry or iPhone?

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Tendency to procrastinate

What is your favourite occupation?
I’m enjoying being a librarian after 9 years studying to get the qualification.  I love being a mum (most of the time).

Who was your favourite Australian PM and why?

Um… probably Paul Keating because he was around when I was starting to really pay attention and I never really liked Bob Hawke anyway

What is your ambition?
To finally get the work/life balance right

Have a great weekend everyone!

image: to do list book by koalazymonkey via flickr


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  1. Girl you never procasternate (sp?) and drink red wine… as a family member I cannot encourage that….Bubbles are more effective.

    Keep up the thoughts..

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