Old friends

I think it’s called ‘serendipity‘ – well, maybe not quite, but along those lines.

Yesterday afternoon (around 5pm) I ran into an old friend at my local fruit and veg shop.  She said “I knew I’d run into you today!” and the reason this was serendipitous is:

  • I had left work early yesterday and so was actually able to be in my local fruit and veg shop at 5pm (normally I leave work at 5pm and by the time my train gets in at nearly 6, the shop is of course closed)
  • She actually lives in Canberra and this happened in Sydney.

Fate, as always, has her own ideas.

Unknown to me, my friend’s father had died suddenly earlier in the month and she was on a one day trip to Sydney to see accountants and such and staying with a cousin of hers not far from my place. I had a few pieces of news for her and it occurred to me that while I would consider this friend a good friend and we’ve known each other since our Miss 16’s started kindergarten together in 2000, I clearly don’t make enough effort to stay in touch.

She had to go and I walked home feeling sad – for her with the loss of her dad, for her Miss 16 with the loss of her last remaining grandparent, and for me with the realisation that I let my busy life become an excuse for not keeping in touch with old friends.

image: thinking by victor beruzkov via flickr

3 thoughts on “Old friends

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  3. You are allowed to feel sad as good friends can easily slip away… but sometimes they are in our life for a reason, or we are in theirs and when there is a need they are there again. Like you were, in a place you are not normally at just the right time, that allowed a transfer of information and thoughts and support at a time of need. Enjoy those in your life, seek those you need and think often of those who pass through.

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