New shiny

Last week I got me a new MacBook.  I did need a new computer, honestly.  And it was probably time to do the switch from Windows to Apple.  I dithered a bit (ok a lot) about whether to replace my laptop with another laptop or to go the whole hog and lash out on a new iMac desktop.  In the end, space considerations won out and I went laptop.  I’m a teeny, tiny bit disappointed about that, as I have a lovely big monitor on my computer at work and it’s hard to come down to the 13inches Apple have sold me.  However, it’s new, it’s shiny and it’s perfectly adequate for my needs.  I went with the Pro as it included (among other things) an SD memory card slot and I thought about all the photos I upload all the time – only to discover when I got the camera out that of course it has an XD card doesn’t it?

A colleague loaded Plants vs Zombies on it for me and I’ve spent a lot of the weekend perfecting my scores on that – I hadn’t played it before and it’s quite addictive!  I’ve been reading a bit about zombies lately, so the timing was perfect.

The rest of the weekend was spent transferring photos and music across from both my old laptop and the (dying) family desktop.  The photos were a blast, some of them from back in 2004 when I got my first digital camera.  I have a lot of photo albums at home, from the days pre-digital camera and I guess I need to embark on a digitisation project for the ones I want to save.  This is a project (and a blog post I suspect) definitely for another day.

Through my involvement in a Flickr group called #1pic1thoughtinaugust I have learned a lot about tagging and meta-data of photos so I have spent considerable time with iPhoto learning how to use the tagging, flagging and rating tools it provides.  The idea behind #1pic1thoughtinaug is that each person uploads a photo (with an accompanying thought) each day in August.  The thoughts are meant to be short, sharp, micro-blogging type comments – not a whole blog post.

It’s as much fun as I thought it would be but much more instructive than I had anticipated.  We’re making full use of the discussion function and of course, being library types, are discussing tagging, metadata and other organisational type stuff.

I can’t help it, it’s the librarian in me!

image: Green Apple by Y via flickr