O happy day!

What a weekend! Chaos from one end to another, but with a perfectly lovely result.  My ‘significant other’ and I are now co-habitating, after hanging about together for more than 2 years.  It was a huge weekend physically and emotionally (although the reality of it being finally really real hasn’t quite sunk in yet).

After some dithering about a suitable date and whether it would be better to do it on a weekend with my kids around or not (more engagement from them vs easier to just get on with it) we ended up settling on a weekend that they were around and I’m glad now that we did that.  It was a bit more chaotic working around 5 people instead of just the 2 of us (and of course, soccer semi finals just happened to be on for the General the same weekend) but the kids were great and provided so many moments of humour and drama over the weekend that kept us laughing or shaking our heads – or sometimes both at the same time.

So now, we just have to deal with the unpacking (half an hour or so every night this week should knock most of it over) – and of course the learning to all live together.  My kids can ease into it as they are all living with their father at the moment – so hopefully it will be non-confronting and just ‘normal’ for them when they come to us on weekends.

Oh, and I have to learn to start saying ‘our room’ and ‘our house’ after saying ‘mine’ for all these years – what a lovely problem to have 🙂

image: Snail on the Move by Andy Hay via flickr