Animal meme

Following on from my grizzly bear post, I might as well keep the animal theme going.  Thanks to liberrydwarf for this one about interesting animals I have known….

An interesting animal I had

Nearly every cat I have ever owned thinks it’s a dog.  They follow me (or other members of the family) up the street and halfway to school/bus/train station, wait patiently in the street for us to come back, jump in the car when it’s stopped etc etc.  Yet they manage to maintain their cat-ness as well (fellow cat owners will understand cat-ness!)

An interesting animal I ate

Um, I love kangaroo? Is that still interesting these days?

An interesting animal in the Museum

A bird in the Lord’s cricket museum in London – it got hit by a cricket ball, so they stuffed it and put it on display….

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Camel riding on a Karachi beach as a child, and I watched a laproscopy performed on a giant turtle on Heron Island once.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

Somewhere in Darwin, I watched a giant spider patiently repairing a hole in it’s web – was much more fascinating than that sounds really…

What animal would you be if you could be any animal?

I have to agree with and quote from liberrydwarf here:

One hundred percent a cat. Cats absolutely have it made.  :)

image: That Elvis Snarl by tibchris via flickr


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  1. My cat did the “act like a dog” thing when we lived near the train station and I walked to work – would trot along with me, wait for me to cross the road and then head home until he had to “pick me up”. And we always have to warn tradesmen to check their vans before they leave unless he’s decided he wants to go for a drive with them!

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