You know you’re information literate when….

Some Friday afternoon fun!  How do you know if you’re information literate?

This question was recently posed on the ALA Information Literacy Instruction e-list by Becky Alford, Reference & Instruction Librarian at Clarke College, Iowa.

Becky very considerately collated the responses and posted them to the list – it goes something like this:

You know you’re information literate when:

  • You have at least 2 active library cards.
  • You often find yourself gleefully suggesting, “This calls for immediate research!”
  • Your motto is “Think before you google.”
  • You think not crediting a source is worse than not recycling.
  • You hear the Cheers theme when approaching the reference desk.  (Subsequent highly scientific research has indicated that it would be better to use the Friends theme instead.)
  • The library website is your homepage.
  • You can easily name your 3 favorite databases.
  • You narrow searches with the ease and precision of a ninja.
  • You believe most books are only as good as their references.
  • When visiting libraries you can find and check out books in 5 minutes or less.
  • You spot irrelevant search results immediately because you just can’t stand them.
  • You tested out of Defense Against the Dark Arts by flexing your superior critical thinking skills.
  • You could easily defeat Chuck Norris using Library of Congress subject headings.
image: Without A Library by wirelizard via flickr

3 thoughts on “You know you’re information literate when….

  1. “You think not crediting a source is worse than not recycling.”

    Oh, that’s so me! And I think recycling is VERY important, so just imagine my views on crediting sources

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