There’s a bear in there

The gorgeous picture of the grizzly bear lying sleeping on the log that is at the top of this blog comes from National Geographic (there, I’ve acknowledged the source).  This is the full picture:

Sleepy grizzly bear via National Geographic picture of the day

I have Google desktop set up at work and one of the nifty little widgety, gadgety things that I have sitting on the sidebar is a ‘picture of the day‘ from National Geographic.  I’m actually eager to turn the work computer on in the morning, so I can see what the picture has changed to overnight.  If I like it enough, it becomes my desktop wallpaper until the next one I love comes along (sometimes this is a daily change).  This big ol grizzly bear mama (she must be a mama, look how exhausted she seems!) will be there a while methinks.

According to wikipedia, Grizzly’s scientific name is Ursus arctos horribilis, which kind of fits the mama image some days too.

Grizzly Bear is also the name of a band (ah, the wonders of the internet and a free evening!).  They sound like this:


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