A travel meme

I’m still sifting through all the #blogeverydayinjune entries and found Snail’s travel meme that I meant to do in June….

What “City, Country” do you live in? Sydney, Australia

What was the last country you visited other than your own (or that you want to if you haven’t been out of your country)? England/France

What is your favourite kind of trip (i.e. camping, laying on the beach, cruise, etc.)? Camping

What is the farthest location south that you have gone? Hobart, Tasmania

What is the farthest location north that you have gone? Nairn, Scotland

What is your preferred mode of transportation when traveling long distances? Anything other than a bus

What kind of vehicle do you own (or would like to own)? Magna sedan

What is your ideal destination? Somewhere I haven’t been before.

Who is your favourite travel companion? I enjoy travelling with my kids and am looking forward to doing some travel with my partner when we finally have time!

What is the largest city you have visited? Hong Kong

What destination would you recommend to a friend?Tasmania, Paris, mid north coast of NSW, Heron Island in Qld, Central Tilba on the NSW south coast.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? hmmmmm, if I knew that I probably wouldn’t still be in Sydney.