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We had another orientation session for new students here at MPOW today.  Today I chose to sit in on the entire 90 minutes, usually I just arrive in time to do my bit and then leave again.  I’m so glad I was there for the whole thing today.  We had a great presentation by the college principal on what he has managed to achieve after arriving in Australia as an international student in 1984 – I don’t know if it inspired the students but it did leave most of the staff going ‘wow’!

Then, we had an ex student talk about her experiences.  This particular student started off studying with us and followed an articulation pathway to a major university to finish her degree.  Along the way she collected a GPA of 3.93, clocking up 13 HD’s out of a possible 14 subjects!  Better still, she is able to identify how she did that and  shared with our incoming students her secrets for studying success.

  • find out what you are required to do
  • make a plan
  • stick to it
  • plan to have time off and plan what you will do with that time so you don’t waste it and miss out on the fun of studying in a different country
  • prepare for your classes
  • follow up after your classes
  • question, question, question until you understand

It was a power packed 10 minutes from this ex-student, who thankfully is spending some time at MPOW as a tutor over the rest of the year.  I will need to pick her brains for the academic skills workshops I’m now writing as part of the multi-skilling everyone gets into here.

image: Sunrise Tracks by Caza_No_7 via flickr

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  1. Yep, I agree!! It’s common sense, but she distilled it down into such a short sharp list that it’s really effective.

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