Racing to the finishing post

In the Libraries Interact post for Sunday, Kathryn has expressed what I am sure most of us feel for our 30 blogs in 30 days project – utter admiration.

There has been a slight self-deprecation theme running most of the month, but more evident as we draw closer to the end and all start running out of ideas as FromMelbin puts it.  The questions have been posed as to whether posting recipes is cheating, whether a joke is scraping the bottom of the blogging barrel,  and the idea that posting holiday photos is also cheating.  As the comments to these posts have clearly indicated – pshaw on us all for having such ‘guilt’ or feelings of lack of commitment!

A post from LifeHacker Australia back in May urges us to keep an eye on the big picture and not get obsessed over perfectionist details.

The key to avoiding this trap is to know the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. Obsessing over the details won’t accomplish anything — and may not even produce a noticeable difference in the final product to anyone but you.

The big picture of this project for me is connectedness, confidence and open access to ideas and knowledge shared willingly between colleagues.  Put simply, I echo Kathryn’s comments that this has been an awesome project, I have enjoyed it enormously and learned a lot about myself and my new cyber friends out there in libraryland.  I cannot wait to get an opportunity to catch up ‘for real’ and just think how much we’ll have to talk about as a result of this project!

image: I’m so tired by jpockele via flickr

4 thoughts on “Racing to the finishing post

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  2. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. I agree this has been an awesome undertaking and I’ve gotten so much out of it. Details shmetails! It’s the big picture that matters here!

  3. well put. I suffer from obsessing over the details or being too paralyzed/reflective to comment!

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