More and more decisions

Continuing with my decision making theme for the weekend, I am sharing a dilemma.

I would love to attend the EBLIB6 conference in Manchester in June next year.  My brother lives in the UK, I could catch up with some cousins and MPOW would probably pay for some of it.

HOWEVER, doing a clean up of a bookshelf today I found some travel brochures that reminded me I had sort of intended to plan going to Vietnam with a friend next year.  Can’t do both.

Time for some serious decision making strategies!  What would YOU do?

image: Vietnam, Ha Long Bay by Kathy via flickr

6 thoughts on “More and more decisions

  1. oh yeah, I was going to suggest that too. Go to Vietnam on the way or way back from the UK 🙂

    Or what nomsed said.

  2. Write a conference paper based on EBLIP model, get accepted, apply for scholarships/grants to go to the UK, and write the whole thing off on tax. Then you can go to Vietnam too.

  3. Sigh, then someone at MPOW this morning suggested visiting Vietnam ON THE WAY to the UK…. (and trying to get work related status for the Vietnam stopover as we do have business links there).

  4. i’m also greedy, and what you pay out for manchester would likely be a tax deduction. therefore perhaps you could part fund trip to vietnam with what you’d get back on tax? (or at least, pretend that’s what you’re doing…)

  5. that is a hard one. Will work help out with the Manchester trip – either in money or time? , leaving you then free to go to Vietnam sometime? I think I am greedy….

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