Decisions, decisions

With thanks to Naomi for her blog suggestion today!

It is a source of wonderment to me that I am able to be organized and focussed at work, use effective time management and decision making strategies and totally fail (consistently) to carry this into my personal life.

The latest example of this was my (ultimately successful) quest yesterday in search of a new fridge. I went out armed with no information, plan or strategy other than that it had to fit into the space in my kitchen and be less than $1300 including delivery and removal of the old fridge. I did no investigation of options, no mind mapping of requirement, no background research, set no outcomes for evaluation, none of that.

Now, I need new shelving in the library and I’m not convinced that just more of the existing shelving is my best option. How do I know this? Because I’ve been through a rigorous decision making process of course!

Is it just that I don’t need to justify the fridge purchase to anyone but myself? By good luck rather than good management I got a good outcome in the fridge purchase, I would never take such a risk at work.


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