#spill as well

Aha! An easy blog post today – Where Was I When…..

Simple – I didn’t see or hear any news last night as I was talking on the phone most of the evening and then took myself off to bed early because of the socceroos this morning.  As I sat, yawning on the lounge watching the kick off, I thought I’d post a comment about it to Twitter and BANG – there it all was!

Kathryn, Snail and Naomi have written this morning about the amazing role of twitter in this event and I was reminded of a blog post from Meghan Ecclestone at the time it was announced the Library of Congress was acquiring all the tweets.  Meghan’s post summed up the general discussion about the usefulness or otherwise of keeping all tweets for all time, but her final paragraph is now relevant to a major event in Australian political history:

Luckily the Library of Congress is taking a small step towards responsible preservation of one of these applications. About 90% of tweets sent on Twitter are completely inane, but that other 10% will contain fascinating insights about our world when we’re all old and wrinkly.

If anyone’s interested, I also remember exactly where I was when it was announced Paul Keating had finally taken over from Bob Hawke – in the carpark at Belconnen Mall in Canberra of all places….


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