15 minutes of fame

MPOW is a small organisation so when a problem calls for a fix-it team it’s not unusual for just about anyone who can contribute to end up on that fix-it team regardless of one’s actual role in the organisation.

And so I find myself on a marketing team of all things.  We are commencing a marketing blitz for the SMIPA program I blogged about a few weeks ago and because I came up with a few suggestions in a casual conversation I’m now a member of a team that has been hastily thrown together to take advantage of some changes to the student visa rules this month.

I have done so much reading, research and application of new ideas this year on marketing the library, working with web 2.0 technologies, reaching the students, promoting library services to staff etc etc that I have had the confidence to speak up and propose some ideas.  More importantly, I possess the skills and knowledge needed to implement those ideas, when other (mostly teaching) staff are scratching their heads wondering how to go about it.  What a long way we have come from the ‘shhhh’ stereotype.

image: talk shows on mute by katie tegtmeyer via flickr

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