Getting perspective

OK, I’m slightly calmer than I was when I wrote my last post.  The nest is still empty, but I’m getting used to it – not that I really have any choice, it’s either that or go completely mad.

I’m struggling with what to do with this blog.  I like the opportunity to write about issues that concern, affect, please or upset me and the fact that it is potentially public encourages me to write with consideration – rather than treating it as a dumping ground for all my peeves (that’s what my journal is for).  Therefore I’m more inclined to exercise my creative writing skills as I write, edit, rewrite and polish before hitting that ‘publish’ button.  I run another blog that is more related to work – partly as a professional development exercise and partly as a way of recording the ‘things I do at work’ so that I can refresh my memory and draw on those experiences at the time of some future interview-for-my-ideal-job.

However, I’ve recently moved it from blogger to wordpress and locked it from search engines in response to a narky reaction from my ex, who seems to think I’m endangering our children by putting all this information out there about them.  Clearly he has never seen their Facebook pages….  I suspect the narkiness comes from reading a few things about himself he didn’t like but after re-reading the entire blog to see if any of his concerns are possibly justified I deleted just one post and then decided to move it anyway.  Divorce, it seems, is no guarantee the ex will just go away and let you live your own life.

So, my two blogs are no longer linked as my professional one is, of necessity publicly advertised everywhere I have a profile and read (gratifyingly) by several colleagues.  In that case, why am I still writing this one? The few people who have read it and commented on it can no longer find it as I have not let anyone know the new location yet.  Is a blog without an audience worthy of being called a blog? I wish I could ask what you think dear reader, but as I’m not ready to let you know where I’ve moved to, I can’t.  I have to figure this one out all by myself.

image: Bird’s nest by Doortoriver from flickr