Desperately seeking a hobby

What happens when ALL your kids decide to move to their dad’s for a while and are only home with you 4 nights in 14? What on earth did I used to do with all that spare time after work and on weekends before I had kids?  Suddenly, 6pm seems awfully early to be arriving home from work. There’s no one to feed except me (and all the cats and dogs they have left behind) and nothing to do.  Well, I could always clean I guess, but then what? I don’t watch TV, there’s only so long I can spend looking at the computer (especially as I am in front of it all day at work), I could cook but who’s going to eat it? I don’t particularly want to go back out into the dark and cold once I’m home and it’s the middle of the school term so the community college evening classes have all started anyway.  Avoiding a slide into depression during this time is going to be challenging. I know I need to be proactive – I’m just not sure if I can be bothered..


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