Rock my world

OK, so it’s common sense that a family that plays together somehow ends up staying together.  I’m talking about bonding with teenagers here though, so that’s a dodgy assumption from the very beginning.
I’ve always been lucky that apart from the occasional yelling match over life-changing matters such as emptying the dishwasher, texting your friends during dinner or picking up 5 pairs of shoes from the middle of the lounge room floor, I’ve never had ‘problem’ teenagers, or even problems with my teenagers.  Believe me, I’m well aware of just how lucky I am.  A colleague of mine just saw her belligerent 15 year old son off on a month’s school camp and came home to find his parting gift to the family was to change all the passwords on all the accounts on all the family computers……  I breathe a sigh of relief each time I think about that story!
I’ve found this great blog about the importance of speaking your teens language – be interested in the things they are interested in, play their video games with them if that flicks their switch better than Monopoly does, learn how to text them, facebook them, twitter them etc…
Stay with me, I’m nearly at the point of this post, really.  A favourite video game in our house is Guitar Hero – Metallica, with Young Gun the undisputed family champion.  So… in the interests of family playing together yada yada yada, we have arranged an interesting family outing for the middle of November.  Yes folks, that’s right – we are going (all 5 of us) to the Metallica concert!

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