What do you mean I can’t do everything??

OK, so I am finally coming to terms with the reality that I can’t work full time AND be at athletics carnivals, after school activities, dentist appointments, take the cat to the vet etc etc and more importantly, that THAT’s ACTUALLY OK….
My very patient partner has been waiting for this day and has eagerly responded to my recent cry for help – rearranging his week in order to be around to help me out with some of this stuff (a big leap for us as we don’t live in the same house).  I guess I may have been taking the independence thing a little too seriously, which has meant I’ve been (unintentionally) holding him at arm’s length from my whole family-three-ring-circus.  Turns out he’s sort of just been waiting to be asked….
My decision to get involved in extra curricular professional stuff means that I’m taking on more work/career type responsibility and I have to let go of some of the other stuff.  I think the kids are coping with this much better than I am…..
…photo from National Geographic…

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