Getting connected

Wow! I’ve just discovered Twitter….

I’ve not been a tweeter up until now, but joining NGAC has given me a whole bunch of new friends (in the social networking sense at this point, as I haven’t actually MET most of them yet)…  I’m enjoying feeling connected to others in Libraryland, really enjoying it.

I had the pleasure of meeting my ALIA LLO (that’s Local Liasion Officer in non library speak) last week.  Well, she’s not personally mine of course – more like LLO for all NSW members…. However, that aside, for someone who has worked part time for so many years and felt guilty about taking any time during the working day to do something indirectly good for my career and networking (as opposed to getting the job done and getting out of there to deal with the rest of my life), it was an absolute pleasure to be able to ‘go for coffee’ with a colleague.  We shot the breeze about lots of stuff – most of it from Libraryland, but lots of it not.

I’m excited about the upcoming ‘newbie’ teleconference for NGAC later this week and positively jumping up and down about the prospect of our face to face meeting in Brisbane following Access 2010 in September.   Can you tell I don’t get out much?

twitter image from Eren McKay


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