More professional development

Early this week I attended a short course (2 days) in Records Management wearing my RM hat – that the kind people at ALIA are allowing me to count as professional development. Excellent! 14 hours into the pot and a such a lot of follow up work to be done on our RM policy and procedures and business processes that I am going to be busy for months.

Today I received an email from ALIA stating that I have been elected to their New Generation Advisory Committee for the forthcoming two years.  This is professional development of a totally different kind and I am more than a little nervous about this involvement. It’s one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time – ALIA put out a call for interested parties to nominate and I fit all the criteria so I put my hand up.

I’m excited about the opportunity to network, to get out of my own space a bit and to see what other people in Libraryland do all day – MPOW being such an ‘odd fit’ in the scheme of things.  I’m keen to advocate for new grads who end up in OPL’s and have no guidance other than those people they are able to network with through e-lists, PD activities, social networking such as LFIP and their own reading and learning.

I’ve now got quite a few projects on the go and am beginning to experience the buzz of being back in the workforce with (hopefully) something valuable to contribute.

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  1. Hi Clare, looking forward to working with you on NGAC, looks like you’re on the right track with your professional development and everything.

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