New Year, New Adventure

We are about to embark on several great adventures here in the 3 ring circus! We have the HSC this year for the General – already that doesn’t seem to be going too well…..  In addition, I go back to full time work for the first time in 18 years this week – that is, for the first time in my kids lives and experience.

I know my kids have been privileged to have one parent around as much as they have for as long as they have.  I like to think that my influence and input and ‘being there-ness’ has helped turn them into the (mostly) responsible young people that they are.  I also know that lots of kids (or parents) don’t get that opportunity, whether by choice or necessity, and that most of those kids turn out all right in the end! Still, I’m letting go of one more piece of their lives and I’m really struggling with that. Bookworm is living with her father this term – so the full impact of me working full time isn’t going to hit her until well after Easter – by which time hopefully the boys and I will be swinging along in a lovely routine (she says hopefully, as routine has not been a part of our lives in the 18 years up until now…..).