How to worry about your kids

Not so much how to worry I guess, as how to know when to worry, or when to stop…. I alternate between worrying myself sick about The General – and wanting to slap him around a bit. He frustrates me endlessly – I am not sure which frustration is greater – the bits that remind me of his dad, or the bits that remind me of ….. well…. ME!

He’s just started Year 12 dear reader – here in NSW they finish Year 11 at the end of Term 3 and start their Year 12 work, so that they can finish THAT at the end of Term 3 next year and sit the HSC exams.  Does he do any homework? No. Anything remotely resembling study? No. Does he care particularly? Not on the surface. Is this likely to change over the next 12 months? Probably not.

Does it REALLY matter in the overall big picture kind of way? No. Not at all.  But it would make his later life a whole lot easier if he just got on with the business of education NOW, while he’s got a roof provided over his head (2 actually), no bills to pay, no kids to raise, no commitments to anything other than those things that bring him pleasure. Trust me, I speak from very painful experience. This is not about me (or maybe just a little bit) but I’d just like to drop in here that I am finishing my degree in 3 days time – when I sit my last ever exam!

As long as I pass of course…. and there would be a much greater chance of that if I spent more time studying and less time blogging, facebooking, emailing and otherwise procrastinating.  The irony of this is not lost on me.