The open door policy

Funny story about The General.  As you know, he is currently living with his father, who has got some funny ideas about things and tries to make the kids ring my doorbell if they call in here during one of their weekends with him.  I guess he means well and is trying to teach them to respect my privacy but I resent the way he imposes his sense of that onto their relationship with me.  Anyway, I digress – the point is that I have managed to convince The General that he doesn’t need to knock on the door every time he comes here just because he spends most of the time at his dad’s.  

Last night, about 10pm, I hear the front door being unlocked and in comes The General.  I’m in bed with a bad head cold, but awake, so I hear him have a conversation with Bookworm about needing to pick up a school text book for the next day.  Ok so far? THEN – I hear him go to the kitchen, open the fridge and drink the rest of the orange juice (from the bottle of course).  He then shouted out a ‘goodnight’ to everyone and left again….. 

I suppose I am glad he feels this is his home.