There’s a fine line between peace and melancholy

So the kids have gone to Bali with their dad and their “other family”.  They are away for 10 days and I am not sure just what to do with myself.  Of course there’s work, and housework, and gardening, and reading, and spending time with friends, spending time on my own, even university work if I get really desperate!  However none of these are really the same as having the kids around.  When they go away like this I do spiral into a bit of a decline for a day or so.  It happens every time The General goes back to his dad after a weekend here.  I have decided that this mini decline is probably OK as long as it only lasts that one day or so.  The General and Bookworm are in their last two years of school so I guess this is going to happen more and more.  Bookworm in particular is keen to leave Sydney for university, I’m not sure if she wants to escape the rat race, or just spread her wings and try some independence.

Tonight I have used the time to learn how to use speech recognition on my computer.  All this time it has been available thanks to Vista and I didn’t know.  I had a document for work that had to be retyped as the electronic version we had was a PDF and there were substantial changes to make.  Taking into account my mistakes and the speech training the computer needed I guess it took me about an hour to dictate the new document.  I probably could have typed it in about 25 minutes but I do appreciate that there is less wear and tear on my body this way.  I suffer a bit from ” mouse shoulder” so I am keen to learn new ways of doing things.  I am using speech recognition to write this blog piece and it is a bit like learning to use the dictionary function on your New Mobile phone.  I have to stop myself from laughing out loud at some of the computers guesses at what I have just said.  Otherwise the speech recognition software says ” what did you just say?” And I have to try again.

I do miss the kids, quite badly really, but more than anything I hope they’re having a great time.  Two overseas trips in 12 months, does that spell ” guilty parents” or what?