Someone’s phone is ringing….

Watching your kids grow up and move on is part of the deal for we parents – but this week I have the General going for his drivers licence AND Young Gun getting his first mobile phone… it’s nearly too much.

As with a lot of other things, Young Gun has not had to wait nearly as long as the other 2 for his first phone.  I think the General was in Year 8 before he got one and Bookworm only got hers in Year 7 as she was travelling to school on the train for the first time.  Young Gun, of course, has not even left primary school – and the telling thing is that he is one of the last of his classmates to get a phone.

Of course, I have justified this discrepancy to myself (and the other 2 kids I might add) with a number of well thought out rationalisations such as….. they didn’t have separated parents when they were his age….. and….. they didn’t have separated parents at his age…. and… you get my drift.  In fact, if truth be told, Young Gun has a phone now because it suits me and because I am worn out from parenting and basically trusting him to bring himself up. 

The separated parents thing is not quite as feeble an excuse as it sounds.  I have often felt uncomfortable being able to communicate directly with the older 2 when they are with their dad – knowing that I can’t do the same with the youngster.  The mother guilt runs strongly in me!

It remains to be seen if he can get to the end of this year without losing the phone.  I need to have more faith in the kid – I know if I don’t give him the responsibility he will never learn it – but that’s hard when the past is littered with examples of absent mindedness, forgetfulness and disregard for the value of his possessions.  Time will tell – until then, it’s one more thing going buzz, beep, chirp and brrring in the house!