Nature Calls

Sunday we took Young Gun and a mate on a 2 1/2 hour bush walk through a beautiful and fragile part of the wilderness just north of Sydney. Muogamarra Nature Reserve is only open to the public for 6 weekends every year – in spring when the wildflowers are at their most awesome best. We did a guided walk down into Bird Gully Swamp (and yes, back UP out of it again…..) – a walk only 60 or so people can do each year. Of course all the photos of said awesome wildflowers are still on Young Gun’s camera so there will be a slight delay getting them posted here…..

It was great to take the boys out into the fresh air, on an activity that used their brains, their bodies and their senses. They bombarded the (volunteer) guides with questions as we went – all praise to our guides for their patience and perseverance with this.

That it was beautiful goes without saying. This steep landscape is literally covered in flowers – stunning waratahs, beautiful boronias, pink flowers that have 5 petals and 5 syllables to match in a name that I otherwise can’t remember, fat geebung pods, drumsticks, even the odd flannel flower peeping out a little early in the season and bush orchids of many shapes and sizes and colours. We laughed a lot, saw birds, listened to frogs and searched in rock pools for tadpoles, ate a picnic that included strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce and warmed the cockles of our hearts with a cup of tea.

Sunday, fabulous Sunday.