The Year 10 Formal

Bookworm has her Year 10 formal coming up at the end of the year. Fortunately, she’s an organised type who has already started thinking (read ‘worrying’) about it now. Also fortunately, she has plenty of friends prepared to do the hard yards at the shops with her – I am NOT a shopper dear reader! I am happy to come in at, say, the final 3 stage and offer my opinion for what that will be worth (I suspect not much) but I can’t possibly look at the 300 odd dresses that will have to be inspected, debated, tried on, discarded, rejected, mulled over, re-inspected – you get the idea…….

She’s never really been one for dresses so it will be interesting to see what she and her gaggle of girlfriends come up with. I am now entering into unfamiliar territory – the General scorned to attend his Year 10 formal last year – but I believe it’s going to involve hair, makeup, new shoes, a pedicure, leg waxing, blah, blah, blah. Thank the gods that (at this stage anyway) there’s no boyfriend involved!