Warm fuzzies

Last night I had one of those positive parenting moments you get from time to time.  You know the ones – those episodes where you feel intense joy and pride in the abilities or qualities of one or more of your offspring (as opposed to those episodes where you feel intense anger and frustration…. you get the picture).  My experience has been that they don’t come around too often – so are all the more worth writing about when they do.

My almost-17-year-old (lets call him The General) has been coaching a team of U14’s over the summer and he seems to be really good at it.  The boys look up to him, the parents are impressed that he can then hold a conversation with them and he knows his stuff about the game to boot.  Anyway, the season culminated in a grand final win and then the inevitable celebration dinner was last night.
The General asked me to go along with him, it was a parents and boys shindig so why not? Thai food and the company of people I don’t normally hang out with was too good to pass up.
I’m getting to the positive parent moment people – stay with me on this.
From the minute we arrived, The General was besieged by the players and their parents (and even one older sister) and more than one parent came to sit by me and tell me how wonderful my child is, how much the boys look up to him and how happy the parents were to see a teenage boy putting back into his sport with such enthusiasm and skill.  The speeches all included great tributes to The General and his own speech was pretty impressive – even the boys stopped fooling around at their table for 5 minutes to listen – now THAT’s star power!